Direct mail

Offer for "DIRECT MAIL" service:

Post of Kosovo JSC besides other postal services for its customers offers also "Direct Mail" services. Through "Direct Mail" service, we offer solutions to help you and your company, so that your marketing message will be reached faster and with low cost to the audience which you intend.

In the business world, where competition is increasing day by day, the service "Direct Mail" represents a powerful marketing tool to any interested company to improve and to increase sales, to retain old customers and to attract new potential customers.

What is “DIRECT MAIL" service?

"DIRECT MAIL" is an additional service that is dedicated to all companies, large and small (public and private) operating in the territory of Kosovo.

It is, kind of shipment which contains an identical message in the form of promotional materials (flyers, brochures, catalogs, advertising, promotional newsletters, and magazines) that is sent to many customers at the same time and with no character of a personal correspondence.