Issue of postage stamps edition “Europe 2023 – Peace”

On the occasion of marking the Europe Day, the Philately of the Post of Kosovo, from today released into postal circulation the new edition of postage stamps titled Europe 2023 – Peace.
The call for peace undoubtedly refers to the many global crises that have caused casualties, destruction, and migration of millions of individuals around the globe as a result of war, persecution, and the violation of the fundamental human rights.
Therefore, not by coincidence, Europa – CEPT, as a common theme for the year 2023 has defined the theme of Peace.
Conveying the message of peace this time by Kosovo artists is done through the creation of artistic forms with origami paper folding.
The appearance of the dove of peace, seeking freedom from conflict and chaos, as well as support for each other, reflect the key to the world in which we want to live.
The issue of postage stamp consists of postage stamps, the philatelic block, and the First Day Cover that will be in postal circulation until they are completely consumed.