Post of Kosovo JSC is licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo as a Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI), which enables the Post of Kosovo to perform non-banking financial services with all state institutions upon formalized agreements after the licensing and coordination with the CBK.

Non-banking financial services enable Kosovo citizens to make various payments at our post offices everywhere, including payments for collection of budget revenues under agreement with the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance that are distinguished by unique reference (UNIREF), then Kos-Giro group payments, as well as numerous other payments upon formalized commercial agreements between the Post of Kosovo and various business partners.

Following are some categories of payments from these groups:


Payments – Budget Revenue Collections (UNIREF)

  • Property tax payments and other payments to all municipal assemblies,
  • Contribution payments to tak and the kosovo pension trust,
  • Payment of traffic fines,
  • All tuition payments for public university students (for semester, exams, dormitory, canteen, library),
  • All court fees payments,
  • Payments for various state institutions licenses,
  • Payments for personal documents,
  • Vehicle registration payments and other services,
  • Waste payments for ma prishtina and ma vushtrri.

Kos-Giro Group Payments

  • Customs tax payments,
  • Payment of potable water bills with RWC-Prishtina, “Bifurkacioni” – Ferizaj, and “Hidroregjioni” – Prizren,
  • Payment of auto insurance policies with all insurance companies in Kosovo,
  • Yellow card payments for all insurance companies.

Various  payments under commercial agreements of different companies with Post of Kosovo for:

  • Distribution of Social Assistance to all beneficiaries of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare,
  • Payments of electricity bills,
  • Payments of waste companies (“Ekoregjioni” – Prizren, “Ambienti” – Peja, “Ekohigjiena” – Gjilan, “Çabrati” – Gjakova),
  • Payments of water supply companies (“Hidrodrini” – Peja and “Hidromorava” – Gjilan),
  • Various payments for Prishtina Public Housing Enterprise,
  • Payments for “Kujtesa – Net”,
  • Installment payments for IMF-Start, Monego, Iute Credit,
  • Payment of court fees for Kosovo Telecom,
  • International money transfers with Western Union …. etc.