Post office of letters


Letters are written notices, enclosed in an envelope or similar to that, the maximum weight of which shall not exceed 2 kg.more

Small packages

Small package is a postal delivery which consist small things in small amounts, like artistic productions, tapes, CD, trade samples or a part or a thing that serves as trade sample, parts of exchange of equipments, excluding every possibility to be used for business purposes. more


Printings are postal deliveries consisting issued productions on the letter or on other substances which are used usually from the printing-office by means of mechanical-graphic or photographic tool, by means of a cliché or negative as are newspapers and magazines, books, brochures, musical score, visit cards, illustrated cards, samples of printings, engravings, photo’s and photo’s albums, drawings, plans, geographical maps, catalogue etc. Also the manuscripts of literary work or of newspapers written by hand are considered as printings. more


Postcards are simple deliveries, opened, with or without any picture, containing a notice, congratulation, felicitation, thanksgiving, condolence etc. more


Secograms are letters and clichés printed in Braille alphabet, recordings, and special letters that are meant for the blind people. The sender has to put in writing on the envelope as ‘Braille Letter’ for the local and international deliveries. more


Aerogrammes - are mails printed in a letter that is folded in the form of a rectangle sized approximately 110 x 220mm.more

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