Special services

Mail deliveries, Recommande, "R"

Recommande ("R") ordered letters, - are letters from the sender, through a special tax and label "Recommande" with corresponding number, ensures a special treatment through registration from acceptance, forwarding to the country of destination up to delivery by signing of the designated recipient.more

Contravention judicial and administrative deliveries

To deliver “Poste restante” mail to the residence of the recipient or at his/her workplace, or to the residence or workplace of the person as authorised by him/her. more

Express Mail deliveries, "EXPRESS" or "EKSPRES"

Emergency Service "Express" - can be applied to any type of delivery, providing them advantages compared to ordinary deliveries.more

Postal deliveries with declared value, "DV"

Shipments with a declared value "DV" – are shipments for which the value is declared, in the manner provided by regulation of postal services. Shipments with a declared value should be put in an envelope or appropriate packaging (opaque) to provide content from possible damage during transport and processing.more

Postal deliveries, with compensation, "C"

Represent deliveries of special services for which the recipient upon delivery withdrawal from the post office is obligated to pay the charge in favor of the sender. The declared value must necessarily be the real value of the shipment.more

Mail deliveries with receipt voucher "AR"

Deliveries with receipt voucher "AR" – are considered those delivery-letters, which are forwarded through persons or legal entities in different envelopes with receipt voucher attached that sender receives and fulfills it in the post office, as through this receipt voucher concerned will be notified for the delivery of shipment to recipient.more

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