In the letter mail service are prohibited

a.    Besides deliveries with declared value, the content of other mail delivery of letters are prohibited currencies of any kind, articles of gold, silver, jewels, jewelry and other precious items, such as checks, travel tickets and other valuable items.
b.    Explosive, flammable, poisonous, narcotic, psychotropic, biological and radioactive substances, live animals and other items of obscene and immoral.
c.    Valuables and any kind of material goods which are prohibited to be imported or circulating in the country of destination.

Prohibited goods to be shipped with parcel/package

a.    Goods and items that by their nature or their packing, may pose a threat to postal employees life, that contaminate or damage other parcels or postal equipment in use.
b.    Narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.
c.    Live animals when it is not possible to ensure their transport, as inside and outside Kosovo.
d.    Explosive materials, flammable or other harmful material.
e.    Radioactive substances.
f.    Obscene or immoral shipment.
g.    Goods and other items specified in the customs law.
h.    Goods and other items which are prohibited to be imported or circulating in countries of destination outside Kosovo.

It is forbidden to enclose within the package without declared value, inside and outside Kosovo, the following:

a.    Part of coins and various banknotes
b.    Bank cards, payable
c.    Platinum items, gold or silver processed or not
d.    Precious stones, jewelry or any other precious thing