Ordering information - PK Philately

FILATELIA e Postës së Kosovës Sh.A.
Nëna Tereze str, n.n.
12000 Fushë Kosovë,
Republic of Kosova
Tel. +381 (0)38 246 770
e-mail: filatelia@postakosoves.com

Dear Customer,

Thank you for being interested in our philatelic products.

It is our pleasure to give you information of the way getting our philatelic products and the payment methods we accept.


  • set mints,
  • souvenir sheets (if they are produced with emission) and
  • FDC’ s.


Before you send us the order, please be sure you are asking only the available postage stamps, souvenir sheets and FDC’s we have in this list, click HERE (lista e pullave postare, blloqeve dhe ZDP’ve ne stoqe).

Please contact us for philatelic material you require then we send you the proform invoice for confirmation


For getting the order you require, you are asked to do the payment in advance.

Your orders can be accepted if you follow ways as:

1.Sending e-mail at ptkfilatelia@ptkonline.com,
2.Mailing the order list at our mail address: PTK FILATELIA, PTK – Te Qafa, Office 5/4, UCK str, 10000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosova.
3.For any occurred problem please call us at: +381 (0)38 540 013

Once you decide which philatelic products you require in your collection, which should be confirmed by us, you can proceed with the payment.


For bank information details, please contact us.


  • Cheque,
  • Online Pay (Credit Card, PayPal),
  • International Reply Coupons.
  • Postal Money order

Cash Money in Envelope:

Please, if you decide to send cash money in registered envelope, please be sure you register the letter very well; be informed that this is not a guaranteed way to do the payment. As a company, we don’t take any responsibility if the letter gets lost.  But for sure we can still try to track your letter.

The other way getting our philatelic products is if you come by your self and visit our office of Philately in Prishtina, above mentioned address.

Thank you.