Manner of Order and Payment


The only ways to get our postage stamps from us are:
1.    You come personally in our office.
1.1     You will be informed in detail about philatelic products.
1.2     You will receive leaflets with different views and information, etc.

2.    Bank transfer of the amount required in our current bank account (which will be given when you receive confirmation for the quantity you want).

3.    If you would want to send cash in a letter, you should be aware that we are not responsible if the letter gets lost on its way. This is all in your own risk. If your letter reaches us in good condition, we will have to make a bank deposit of your cash. If you send more cash on what requires for your order, the rest will remain as your credit for your orders in the future.

We still do not accept:

8.    Check (cheque),
9.    Online Payment (Credit Card, Pay Pall).
10.    Vouchers (International Reply Coupon)

If you decide to do the transfer into our bank account, please follow these steps:

1.    Fill out the proform invoice, writing down the emissions and quantities you want.
2.    Send back your request for confirmation and wait for order confirmation from us.
3.    Once you receive the response / confirmation of the required quantity, attached to email message you will also get the bank details.
4.    In the meantime, we’ll wait for the confirmation from our financial sector then immediately your order will be processed.
5.    By email you will be informed exactly when your order is dispatched.
6.    We send the material via our official mail which you don’t have to pay for.
7.    Once we get receipt confirmation from you, we’ll close the case.