Philately is certainly the most attractive and receptive postal component, therefore PTK J.S.C. should pay specific attention to it. 

Philately of Post of Kosova was established on 15th March 2000, to launch the first edition of postage-stamps under the subject of peace.  The first edition contained 5 postage-stamps along with the first day cover.

From then on (2000 -2008), 37 editions of postage-stamps containing 111 postage-stamps of different nominal values were released.

These postage-stamps had different kinds of themes, such as Peace-International Day of Peace; flora and fauna of Kosovo; handicrafts; archaeological explorations; numismatics of Kosovo; artistic works, etc.
In 2006, Philately of PTK J.S.C. attended the 30th International Fair of Postage-stamps, wherein the postage-stamp of this Philately named “Pipe/Fife” was evaluated amongst the best 16 European postage-stamps, from a total of 1180 other philatelic exhibitors in the round of musical instruments, and as such it has impressed the ones to evaluate the postage-stamps.
Philately of Kosova, continuously participates in different competitions for best stamp selection and participates in different Philatelic Fairs, where every years presents new postage stamps.

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