New postage stamps edition: Kosovo Cinematography

Prishtina, 26 January 2010

Post of Kosovo Philately has launched the newest edition of postage stamps titled “Kosovo Cinematography”. This edition contains three postage stamps depicting the Kosovo cinema stars, such as: Faruk Begolli, Abdurrahman Shala and Melihate Qena. Post of Kosovo has also issued the first day cover with the same topic, philatelic block and leaflet. PTK clients and stamp collectors can find all these products of Post of Kosovo at the sales points of PTK throughout the country.


In the years 1935-37, seven cinemas were registered in different towns of Kosovo, continuing to work hard and producing great artists such as Abdurrahman Shala (25.10.1922-09.03.1994), who was a film producer and scenarist of the first generation of Kosovo Cinematography. He worked as Director of the first “Kosovafilm” studio, but was also an actor in many films such as: Proka, Man from Soil, Flood Stream, etc. 

Melihate Qena (9.10.1935-25.03.2005), prima donna of Albanian drama, who played in more than 180 roles, testified her talent of a great actress in shows such as: Erveheja, Hanka, Othello, etc. She was the first meritorious woman who remains as an eternal symbol of a great Albanian woman and actress.

Faruk Begolli (14.02.1944-23.06.2007) has played in many films such as: In sun’s pupil, Wind and oak, etc. He was a lecturer in Theater and Film Academy. Early death of the great actor has depressed all the people of Albanian art and culture. However, only the man died, but not the Albanian famous actor Faruk Begolli.

In the group of these great artists are also listed other actors such as: Muharrem Qena, Hadi Shehu etc., while the latter artist continues to be active today and delights us with his roles as a really meritorious artist.