Postcard– is a letter-post item which on the left-hand half of the back is used for the text, while the right-hand half of the back is used for the addressee. It is processed from hard paper or cardboard.


Small packet (Package) – is a postal item containing various items in small quantity, such as artistic products, cassette tape, vinyl, compact disc (CDs), magnetic tape, trade samples or parts of an item that serves for sampling purposes, spare parts for equipment, excluding postal items classified as violations that refer to any of the acts committed by any persons with the intention of obtaining illegitimate gain for oneself or for a third party. The maximum weight of the small packet is up to two (2) kg.


Printed papers – are open mail items containing books, newspapers or magazines which may be published on the market regularly or from time to time. Up to two (2) kg are accepted, while in cases where content is indivisible, then up to five (5) kg are accepted. Printed papers which are sent by the sender without the recipient’s address are considered as direct mail.


Cecogram – are Braille Alphabet printed letters (in the embossed paper form) – dedicated to people who are blind, plates bearing the cecogram characters, voice recordings, as well as the special paper intended solely for the use of the blind.

The only thing required from the sender is to furnish their item with “Sekogram” marking – for domestic traffic, whereas for the international one “Cecogram”. The maximum weight of the cecogram may not exceed seven (7) kg.

Post of Kosovo offers this service free of charge.


Aerogrammes – are deliveries printed on a paper which is folded so as to form a rectangle with dimensions of approximately 110 x 220mm.

An aerogramme has a clean page available to the sender to fill upon his request. The upper part is marked in capital letters “AEROGRAM” and the place for the address of the recipient and the sender.

The folded aerogramme has a glued side (like the envelope cover), which serves to seal the aerogramme so that the contents cannot be read. The recipient in order to read the aerogramme must cut or open it at the designated place that is marked with a line that allows for the regular display of the aerogramme.


M bags – are a special category of postal bags, in which all prints with the same address are inserted, in order to be sent at once to the same recipient, at the same destination, and by the same sender.

M bags are provided by the domestic postal service, with the right of return from the receiving postal administration.