Registered mail deliveries “R”

Registered letters “R” – are the letters of the sender who are provided with special handling starting from the registration from receipt, forwarding to destination and delivery, through a special fee and the label marked with “Recommended” and an appropriate number, which is then delivered upon  signing by of the designated recipient.

Court letters and letters of the administrative procedure and of offenders

Judical letters on offenses and administrative procedure – are court, offense, and administrative letters – sent in blue or white envelopes with the attached  confirmation of delivery to the envelope (forms used only by these institutions and upon their request).

Exress deliveries “EXPRESS” or “EKSPRES”

Urgent “Express” Service – can be applied to any type of delivery, giving them an advantage over regular deliveries.

Postal deliveries with declared value,“V”

Postal deliveries with declared value “V” – are deliveries, for which the value of the delivery is declared according to the manner provided by the regulation of postal services. Postal deliveries of declared value must be placed in a suitable (opaque) envelope or packaging to secure the contents from possible damage during transport and processing.

On the postal delivery with declared value, for the domestic traffic service, are used the self-adhesive postal security labels “V” (declared value), which contains the name of the receiving office and the postal delivery number with declared value, as well as the exact weight in grams placed on the top left of the recipient’s address page.

The amount of declared value for letters and documents that represent a value due to their reworking may not exceed the eventual costs of these documents in case of loss. The content of the declared value letter must correspond to the stated real value.

Deliveries with declared value must have a value of at least 10 euros and not more than 1000 euros.

Postal deliveries with Pay Order, “PO”

Presents the deliveries with special service, for which the recipient, when withdrawing the delivery from the post office, is obliged to pay the amount charged for the benefit of the sender. The declared value must correspond to the real value of the delivery.

The consequences of not declaring the real value are the responsibility of the sender. When the sender requests that the pay order to be transferred to his / her given bank account in the form, he / she is obliged to declare the account and the respective bank.

Receipt fees for postal deliveries with pay orders are collected from the recipient of the delivery.  Deliveries with this service must be labeled with the Pay Order sign “PO”.

Deliveries with notice of receipt “NR” and acknowledgment of receipt “A.R”

Deliveries with notice of receipt “NR” in domestic traffic, and acknowledgment of receipt “A.R.” in international traffic – are considered those deliveries, which are forwarded by physical persons, or legal entities, in various envelopes with the attached acknowledgment of receipt, which the sender receives upon the completion of the form at the post office since through this acknowledgment of receipt in question he is to be notified that the delivery has been handed over to the recipient.


“POSTË RESTANTE” deliveries that are stored on the Post Office

“POSTE RESTANTE” Deliveries that are stored in the Post Office   (the Post Office holds the mail for a period of 30 days ) – must be marked on the front and in noticeable letters with the note “Remainder Post” or “Poste Restant”. Recipients of these deliveries must be notified in advance by the sender, in order to come to the Post Office for the “Poste restante” to check if such delivery has arrived. The postal delivery with the note “Poste restante” or “Remainder Post” is delivered to the recipient upon verification of his identity.

When the postal delivery is not withdrawn within this deadline, it is returned to the sender. Urgent deliveries (Express) can not be accepted as “Poste Restante”.

Hand-delivered mail

The postal items required by the sender to be delivered to the recipient’s in person can be ordered postal deliveries, with declared value, or pay orders.

EMS Deliveries


Destination Zone Time of delivery
Europe 1 24-36 hours
USA and Canada 2 48 hours
Africa,Asia,South America  3 48-72 hours
Australia and Central America 3 48-72 hours