Direct Mail

Post of Kosovo offers the commercial service of “Direct mail”, to facilitate businesses in benefiting from the market and new customers through the creation of a good image or building of new contacts. Unaddressed mail include catalogs, prospectuses, advertisements, price lists and unaddressed magazines. They are dedicated to the citizens of a locality, city or the whole region.

– Direct Mail Price List

Quantity/weight 0-20 gr 21-50 gr 51-100 gr
to   5.000 pieces 0.05 0.08 0.12
5.001-15.000 pieces 0.04 0.07 0.10
15.001- 30.000 pieces 0.035 0.06 0.09
30.001 -50.000 pieces 0.03 0.05 0.08
over 50.000 pieces 0.015 0.018 0.02
Shipments for online orders

Post of Kosovo has launched the newest customer service “Online Shipping” adapting to the needs of the market, technology development, and the need to provide new services.This service is mainly dedicated to companies that deal with the sale of products online. This service is provided inside and outside the territory of Kosovo.

Transportation for you

Post of Kosovo JSC in the continuance of advancement of services and maximum commitment in meeting its customers’ needs and demands, in addition to other postal services for customers, offers the new service  “TRANSPORTATION FOR YOU”.

Post of Kosovo JSC as the sole public postal operator with the greatest potential in the country with strong economic and financial resources, with a network of post offices and transport lines that covers the entire territory of Kosovo, in this case through the service “TRANSPORTATION FOR YOU” will enable customers to easily, quickly, safely, and cheaply perform transportation services, every day of the week, as a reliable and long-term partner for the transport of their goods.

TRANSPORTATION FOR YOU” is a service dedicated to all large and small companies (public and private) operating in the territory of Kosovo, as an additional service which enables the transportation of goods to their partners and customers.

Commercial postage

Through the commercial postage stamp, especially designed for the customer, in addition to communication by traditional mail, the brand of interested companies is presented and affirmed.

Commercial postage stamps may also contain a part of the activity of interested businesses.

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail is a combination of traditional postal and electronic mail services i.e. is the link between the most modern technology and the classic one. The main purpose of Hybrid Mail is the processing of information, printing, folding, and delivery of the shipment in the shortest possible time to the desired destination of the customer.

Through the use of the “Hybrid Mail” service you benefit:

  • Conduction of all procedures in one place – (design, printing, folding, enveloping, distribution, etc.);
  • Receiving and reporting information on the information summary about your customers (enterprise address, refusal, customer’s decease, etc.).


P.O. BOX (Post Office Box)
  • Post of Kosovo JSC in addition to other postal services, it also offers the P.O. Box service to customers. Through the P.O. Box service solutions are offered to help you or your company to collect your deliveries in a safe place, which can be accessed by you only or your trusted person, whom you authorized.
  • O. Box is an address box, which is located in the premises of municipal post offices. Municipal post offices offer P. O. Box – Mailbox for rent on a monthly, or annual basis for individuals or businesses, depending on the customer demand.

P.O. Box is a service, which enables individual or business customers to receive their deliveries in a certain place. Post of Kosovo customers who receive large quantities of postal items from within the country or worldwide, as well as customers who do not have a permanent address, have this opportunity, in agreement with the Post of Kosovo, to have their P. O. Box – Mailbox, which is subject to a monthly or annual payment. P.O. Box – Mailbox is marked with a certain number, inside which the customer’s correspondence or postal items are placed on a daily basis. The customer receives his letter correspondence in his P.O. Box at any time, limited only by the working hours of Post of Kosovo. The post offices provide the customer with their personal key of the P. O. Box – Mailbox. Users of postal services, whether they are individual or business persons, may request that ordinary postal mail deliveries and notices of arrival of other registered deliveries arriving at their address to be placed in the P. O. Box (mailbox) by prepaying according to the tariffs set in the postal tariffs.

There are two types of mailboxes:

  • Mailboxes with key that is given to the interested clients, which are located in the post office service halls with the possibility for the subscriber to enter the Post Office at any time within the working hours of the Post Office and be able to open his mailbox and withdraw incoming postal deliveries to his address.
  • Open mailboxes are given mainly to various institutions, organizations, associations, etc. These mailboxes are located inside the postal service premises. In this case, postal deliveries can only be received by an authorized person by the holder of the mailbox in writing. The authorized person must submit at any time the authorization, the form “P-15”, for the withdrawal of postal items.

How to secure the P.O. BOX – Mailbox

The service user who requests the use of a P. O. Box, must prove their own identity by means of an official document. The request to get a P. O. Box is submitted on the “P-16″form. Upon receipt of the request, the P. O. Box key is handed to the customer.

P.O. Box Price

After filling in the “P-16” form or the conclusion of the agreement between the Post of Kosovo and the customer, depending on the agreement, the customer is enabled to use one or more  P. O. Boxes – Mailboxes by paying the price as indicated in the price list.

Considering that the P. O. Box – Mailbox is a private box, Kosovo Post guarantees that it will be used only by an authorized person, who owns the key and the box. Everything is safe and confidential.